VIDEO: How HR Can Fix What the 2016 Election Did to Your Workplace

How has the combative political culture changed your workplace—and your employees? And how can HR put the pieces back together? In this video, Dr. Dennis Davis, director of client training at Ogletree Deakins and LEAP 2017 keynote speaker on the topic of How to Fix What the Presidential Race Did to Your Workplace, explains:

Dr. Dennis Davis, keynote speaker at LEAP 2017. REGISTER NOW

Campaign 2016 generated more raw emotions in the workplace (from grief to glee) than any event since 9/11—a volatile mix that caused anxiety, arguments and some violence among co-workers. Inauguration Week has stirred up those emotions again. And the coming months are expected to bring more of the same.

The campaign also broke all the rules of politics, as civility and ethics became the exception instead of the norm. Sadly, says Dr. Davis, this trend seems to be trickling down into the workplace.

“In some instances, people have behaved as though they believe that all the rules are now gone. That anything goes.”

In the video above, Dr. Davis tells the story of an employee who couldn’t understand why he’d been suspended for showing explicit photos on his phone to co-workers. Dennis explained to him the need to draw a clear line between his personal and professional life. But the employee shrugged off Dennis’ suggestion, saying “Hey, Hillary Clinton had personal and professional stuff on one email device. And Donald Trump tweets about things personal and professional. So the rules don’t count!”

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